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Bagster Review - Dundee Ohio

Dundee Ohio Dumpster Rental vs The Bagster


Bagster is a scam! The Bagster bag is $30 but then you have to pay a huge collection fee to have it picked up and hauled away! The cost for this pick up service in my zip code was over $95. I was fooled by the big bold $30 price tag but the pickup fee was in really small type and the sales guy never once mentioned it until I called to have it picked up!

Do not waste your hard earned cash, it's so small and the edges of the bag are flimsy and weak, I could not fit anything in it! We eventually got fed up and took it back to Home Depot, and called a dumpster rental company.

Got my Bagster at my local Lowes and took it to the jobsite, filled it to the brim with the contents allowable per the instructions, I had called to have it picked up and they will not come get it because they are not 'franchised' in my area!! No one at Lowes said anything about this. So, I had to do the work twice and waste gas taking this thing back to the store. Don't buy The Bagster - it's Garbage!!

I did the math before I decided if I should go with the Bagster, the numbers speak for themselves! For 9 yards of waste, the Bagster would have been $357 total. A 10 yard Rolloff Dumpster for my area is $215. That my friends, is a no-brainer! Don't get suckered in to this latest gimmick, do the math!

This Bagster is a complete scam! I paid $30 for this at Home Depot. I was told that the cost to pickup was around $40. After filling it up I called the number to have it picked up and guess what, the price changed!! They told me it would be $99 to pick it up! I said you have to be kidding me $130 for 3 cubic yards of junk? I call WM to give them a piece of my mind, all I got in response was 'That is the price Mamm' I could have rented a dumpster 3 times the size for about what I paid for this bag of crap, save yourself the grief and get a dumpster!

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