15-10 Yard Container

Single Capacity

  • 10 Yard: 36 Square
  • 15 Yard: 55 Square

Inner Dimensions

  • 10 Yard: 28"H x 14.5'L x 7.5'W
  • 15 Yard: 42"H x 14.5'L x 7.5'W

10 to 15 yard dumpsters are perfect for a small remodeling job at your home, or business, and should hold enough waste for a thorough garage organizing. It is perfect for yard waste during that initial spring time clean up.

20-25 Yard Container

Single Capacity

  • 20 Yard: 73 Square
  • 25 Yard: Too Heavy

Inner Dimensions

  • 20 Yard: 49 "H x 17.5'L x 7.5'W
  • 25 Yard: 62 "H x 17.5'L x 7.5'W

20 to 25 yard dumpster are necessary for larger jobs. If you have a large remodeling job at your home or business, or if your cleaning out a larger basement, garage or attic you may want to consider the larger 20 to 25 yard container.

It's There If You Need It.

Face it, you could always use more space when doing cleanup & disposal. Our containers are marked with a fill line that allows you to order a 20 yard container and you will receive the 25 yard with a white fill line. If you need the extra space it is there.

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